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[Lcdproc] Double Vision

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  • From: mphm.janssen AT (Marcel Janssen)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Double Vision
  • Date: Wed Mar 31 16:47:01 2004

On Wednesday 31 March 2004 04:35, Michael Gargiullo wrote:
> I got things running...sort of.
> It's the Samsung VFD shipped with DVine cases. I compiled lcdproc, and
> configured LCDd.conf (See below)
> It powers up and dispays a welcome..I think..
> Everything printed to the vfd is double chars though
> example: when I kill LCDd I get
> TThhaannkrruussi
> LDDppr++LLiinn
> Has anyone ever seen this... I googled for an answer without luck.

I guess I have the same display (DIGN case) and also have problems. In my
the display sometimes is fine, but gets completely mixed up after a while
(sometimes immediately) or shows scrolling text.
So far I have tried playing with the delay function and tried about every
lcdproc version since 0.4.3 , but that didn't make it work better (or worse).


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