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[Lcdproc] lcdproc under Cygwin with a LCD on LPT

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  • From: menzl AT (menzl AT
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] lcdproc under Cygwin with a LCD on LPT
  • Date: Tue Mar 30 07:31:01 2004


I am not sure whether it was not already solved but I it IS
possible to make it work under Cygwin with a LCD display on LPT -
my config. is SED1330 based LCD (256x64), WIndows XP and recent
nightly tarball - I believe from 27/3/2004 (as I needed the
latest SED1330 stuff). Basically the steps are:
- add Cygwin into the configure script (described in the forum
some time ago) - change timimng method to gettiomeofday in the
server/drivers as the nanosleep seems not to be actually
implemented in Cygwin, the IO method is also usable but need to
minor fix - declare port and the counter - in the code fragment:
// Assuming every port I/O takes 1us
for (int i=0; i < usecs; ++i)
declaration of port and is not good and port value needs to be
"harmless" - get Port I/O Driver from, copy/modify the
.h so that corresponding standard types are used (e.g. UCHAR ->
unsigned char, etc.) - add "conditinal implementation" based on
define __CYGWIN__ into port.h - map the functions to the
corresponding ones from dlportio - add to the drivers Makefile
corresponding library for linking - e.g. "LIBS=-L./ -ldlportio"
(so that we use the driver's dll). - and finally remove the -O3
optimization (at least from the drivers' Makefile) - in my case
it was causing problems (segfault) and once removed just worked

Basically that's it - you should have more or less working
server. I've also tried lcdproc - some modifications will be
necessary and not all will work (like load is always 0), but the
basic statistics are provided via the /proc in a standard way and
do work.

Sorry I have no time (at least at the moment) to tidy it
up/describe in more detail or even contribute to the CVS, but at
least this brief info might help somebody.


Surfujete pres VOLNY? Tak proc jeste nejste ve VOLNY klubu?
Nyni exkluzivne pro cleny klubu soutez o skvele ceny.

  • [Lcdproc] lcdproc under Cygwin with a LCD on LPT, menzl AT, 03/30/2004

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