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[Lcdproc] Segfault problem fixed - now a new problem...

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  • From: sdboyd56 AT (Scott Boyd)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Segfault problem fixed - now a new problem...
  • Date: Mon Mar 29 17:33:01 2004

Rene - it now works!! (See more info below.)

--- Rene Wagner
<reenoo AT>

> Again, this sounds pretty weird. The error message originates from
> server/main.c. What LCDd does is that it runs getpwnam(3) which
> apparently returns NULL indicating that "the matching entry is not
> found or an error occurs".
> Unfortunately there's no call to strerror(3) or perror(3) which would
> reveal a possible error. So, you might want to add something like:
> perror("getpwnam returned an error");
> after
> if ((pwent = getpwnam(user)) == NULL) {
> in server/main.c (line 849 in the code from 0.4.4)
> [Note that perror outputs to stdout...]
After I added that line, here is the error message I got:
(Just in case you were interested.)

# getpwnam returned an error: Invalid argument

Well, that didn't help me any, since I didn't know which argument was

> You could try to understand the code that is responsible for changing
> the UID in server/main.c and comment the relevant parts out.
I commented out lines 154, 241 and 842-860. Re-compiled, and it now

To anyone else reading this that didn't see my original postings - I'm
setting up an mp3player to be used in my truck, and it will boot from a
CD. (No HD used at all.) So LCDd running as "root" will not be a
security issue.

BTW - I made this change on the recently released lcdproc 0.4.4.
Sometime soon, I will post the changes I made on my Website.

Thanks for all your help Rene. It was much appreciated, since I'm not a


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