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[Lcdproc] lcdproc (client) completely ported to NetBSD.

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  • From: dglaudemailing AT (David GLAUDE)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] lcdproc (client) completely ported to NetBSD.
  • Date: Mon Aug 18 22:15:02 2003

Tobias Gruetzmacher wrote:

> Hi,
> Am Sun, 17 Aug 2003 13:00:14 +0200 (CEST) schrieb Thomas Runge:
>>>But the only library I'm aware of which provides the required
>>>functionality is libgtop (Please correct me if you know of other
>>>libs). And, unfortunately, I haven't found anything specific about
>>>libgtop's current status and I'm unsure if it is a good idea to use
>>libgtop is a gnome project. I don't think, we should make us depend
>>on that huge gnome libraries.
> It may be a GNOME project, but it does not depend on ANY GNOME lib. It
> only depends on the glib, which depends on nothing else. See
> for details.

Nice to know since libgtop has been a big mistery and hope for a long
time on this list. At least you bring some light on this topic. Do you
have any sample code using libgtop that do not rely on anything else
like dumping a text file with information comming from the library...
this would help anybody that want to use the library with minimal
knowledge of the API.

Some peaple might object that depending on glib might be too havy for
embeded world. So I think we should keep a working copy of our current
lcdproc client.

Remember some people ported lcdproc to dietlibc or similar low footprint
version of libc. And lcdproc is running in uClinux on a cisco router. ;-)

Maybe someone could work on a gtop lcdproc client or make gtop one of
the "platform" from the discussed separation of platform independent and
platform dependent code.


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