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[Lcdproc] orphan drivers

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  • From: tobias AT (Tobias Gruetzmacher)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] orphan drivers
  • Date: Wed Jul 30 22:35:02 2003


Am Wed, 30 Jul 2003 22:07:16 +0100 schrieb Luis.F.Correia:
> > Does 0.5 work on a uClibc based system?
> Don't know yet.

Seems to. I have a (somewhat outdated) uClibc-Dev-System 0.9.15 here. I
had to trick the configure script to not find sched_setscheduler in
librt, because I only have a glibc librt here (I think there is none for
uClibc). I just wrecked the C test source at ca. line 2228 as a quick
hack. I could test the server with the "text" driver (wanted to use the
"curses", but hadn'T any ncurses for uClibc around) and the lcdproc
client and it just worked fine!

Some random stuff:
tobias@lafiel:~/src/lcdproc$ ldd clients/lcdproc/lcdproc => /usr/.../ (0x0x40006000) => /usr/.../ (0x0x40009000) => /usr/.../ (0x0x40000000)

tobias@lafiel:~/src/lcdproc$ ldd server/LCDd => /usr/.../ (0x0x40006000) => /usr/.../ (0x0x40009000) => /usr/.../

[Make the "..." to "i386-linux-uclibc/lib", my mailclient was happily
linewrapping ;)]

Greetings Tobi

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