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[Lcdproc] bounding box

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  • From: Michael.Frase AT (Michael Frase)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] bounding box
  • Date: Wed Jul 30 10:02:01 2003

>I think I aggree with Rene:
>* we have enough information in redering space to do it server side
>(that was one of the question I asked)
>>Is there any reason why this thing can not be done in central server
>>code? If it is only a filtering, then what is the problem.

render functions could do the most of the filtering
(the actual one doesn't really care about the correct
widget position in a screen or frame !).
In normal main screen the "widget-cutting" is no problem
for renderer (except bignums).
But does nobody want to use frame widgets ???
We have enough information for renderer !
But why should the render code care about the margins of a screen ?
That should be really a problem of the driver ! (IMHO)
Nobody wants an unclear render code. I think
driver side solution would be the nicest/best solution !

I have already made a solution for non-driver-integrated bounding box
(except bignums).
in this variant the render.c has to do all the widget-cutting ! Too much
code for nothing !

>>Other option, if that filtering is possible to do without knowledge of
>>the driver internal, then a generic solution can be found for all
>* doing this in driver mean duplication of the code, coding in the dark(TM)
>So let's go back to the reason for doing this:
>* multiple char icon:
>** it could be multiple single char icon from driver point of view and
>the rendering code put each piece of the big icon at the right place.
>** actually that feature is only available in a few driver

the handling of multiple char icons should really be changed !
(or removed ;)
perhaps the client should put single chars together to one big char !
(the only thing you can do with bignums is a clock... so much work for one
screen ?)

>* bar
>** we already have enough information on the begining and end of the bar
>* frame
>** no one use them since it has always been broken. ;-)

That sounds plausibly... if frame support doesn't work ...
you can't use it !
But i think it's a nice feature of lcdproc ... and should work.

mfg Michael

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