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[Lcdproc] bounding box

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  • From: reenoo AT (Rene Wagner)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] bounding box
  • Date: Tue Jul 29 18:40:01 2003

On Tue, 2003-07-29 at 15:04, Joris Robijn wrote:
> I've had some discussions with Michael Frase about the bounding box and
> the rendering process.

"*the* bounding box"?
That term is kind of unkown to me. I assume you want to introduce
something entirely new...

> Michael said he wanted to work on the rendering
> process, and to enable him to do that I need to get the bounding box
> function into the API. It would become:
> int _set_box (int left, top, right, bottom);

OK... If I understand you correctly you mean introducing this into
the driver API?

That's totally wrong if you ask me.
A driver shouldn't have to care about whatever nifty stuff you want
to do on the rendering level of LCDd.
Also, I don't see the point in "locking" or "exclusively enabling"
certain parts of a display.
The rendering code should know what it's doing and not need any
"hard limits" in the driver code.

> This area would from that moment on be the 'enabled area'. Only in that
> area placements of characters and icons would actually occur. Just like
> Adobe Photoshop does that :)

Sorry, but I don't think it's a good idea to refer to programs
that you may be familiar with but others may be not when it's
about explaining an IMHO drastic API change.

> I will also need to adapt drivers for this :( A side effect is that the
> drivers will then all check for wrong coordinates, preventing writes at
> wrong memory locations :)

That's a completely different topic.
Every single operation that writes to a certain address in memory
should _ALWAYS_ double check what it's doing before it actually
does anything at all.

> If noone object I'll put it in tomorrow (yes I want to rush this a bit :)

A clear NO! from my side unless you explain what exactly you
want to do including details on why it is neccessary.

Also, I don't think a time frame of a _single day_ is appropriate
for anything important concerning changes to the server
core, the driver API, or the client protocol.

I, for example, only have the chance of replying to your message
by accident...
Having a job can have the little side effect of preventing you
from reading mail of mail archives until 9pm and you don't always
feel like switching on yet another computer at home then.

And even if this was really that urgent... you should always
mention that in the subject.

I really appreciate every single improvement to the rendering code,
but we should stick to normal development rules.



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