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[OT] remark [Lcdproc] can LCDproc and LIRC share one tty

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  • From: reenoo AT (Rene Wagner)
  • Subject: [OT] remark [Lcdproc] can LCDproc and LIRC share one tty
  • Date: Sun Jul 27 19:03:01 2003


On Sun, 2003-07-27 at 12:34, Andreas Krause wrote:
> I've had also the idea of developing a USB->parallel LCD
> some time ago, so I developed a small pcb-board using an
> AVR (AT90S8515) Controller ( and the FTDI
> FT245BM USB->parallel converter (

Sounds great.

> (you don't actually need usb knowledge:

Ah, ok, having a special chip do the job makes things
easier of course :)

> on hostside,
> there is a virtual serial device (eg /dev/ttyUSB0) and
> on controller side, you just have to read a FIFO )
> It matches the specifications blow quite exactly.


> There are drivers for the FT245 for linux available,
> which are the same CrytalFontz uses for their usb-lcds.
> The avr can be programmed in C with linux using the normal gcc
> (
> for code-download you only need a 6 wire cable connected
> to the printer port.

I remember that being an advantage of the atmel

> I used this to play with my SED1335 LCD and some graphics.
> Therefore I adopted the Lcdproc driver (its easy).
> So this will work with other lcds too.


> If there is any interest in this project, I would make
> this projet open source.

Of course there is interest =)

> If anyone wants to take a closer look to this project,
> just ask for code, schematics and pcb-files
> (Eagle, freeware licence, and a bunch of links.

I used to work with an ooooold DOS version of Eagle
at school. I still haven't found the reason why the current
freeware versions refuse to load my old files :(

Anyways, nice job.
I'd be more than happy to have a look at what you've done
so far.
I think we could also host your files on SF if you want
us to.



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