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[OT] remark [Lcdproc] can LCDproc and LIRC share one tty

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  • From: reenoo AT (Rene Wagner)
  • Subject: [OT] remark [Lcdproc] can LCDproc and LIRC share one tty
  • Date: Sat Jul 26 15:28:01 2003

Hi all,

trying to clarify a few things...

It was not my intention to start a flame war.
Also, I don't think this is off topic...

I've had the idea of developing a USB->parallel LCD
solution as an open hardware project for quite a while.

Draft specifications:

- the device looks like a USB->serial adaptor to the
host system, and thus requires no additional OS drivers
(there are drivers for most OSs)
- a USB aware microcontroller emulates the USB->serial
part while translating serial commands to signals a
parallel LCD will understand
- it shouldn't be that difficult to also provide an
optional serial port so that you can use the device
as a real USB->serial alternative
- One could use a microcontroller such as this one:
and it's not that expensive ;)

Some notes:

- ATM I neither have the time nor the resources (you will
need a PICStart programmer (or similar), equipment for
PCB prototype production etc.) to make this project a
reality without the help of others.
- Certain knowledge of USB and PIC programming is required.
- As an open hardware project information on how to build
such a device would be made available to everyone thus
allowing modfications to be made etc.
Just like with a Free Software project.
- Furthermore, I am of the opinion that it is neccessary to
allow commercial vendors to produce the hardware we
Unlike with Free Software you need a little more than a
legacy PC and a GNU/Linux or *BSD distribution of your
choice to benefit from PCB designs - the "source code"
of hardware projects.
- I don't know what licenses are out there for something
like this but I think it should be possible to find an
appropriate one.
- This might be a chance of establishing a real community
driven standard.

- If you would like to participate in a project like this
- If you have any information that might be useful (web
links, book recommendations, etc.)
please send a mail to the list or to me via private mail.



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