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[OT] remark [Lcdproc] can LCDproc and LIRC share one tty

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  • From: oliver AT (Oliver Friedrich)
  • Subject: [OT] remark [Lcdproc] can LCDproc and LIRC share one tty
  • Date: Wed Jul 23 16:09:01 2003

Am Mit, 2003-07-23 um 12.12 schrieb Luis.F.Correia:
> > On Wed, Jul 23 '03 at 09:21, Luis.F.Correia wrote:
> > > > The real world speaks USB.
> > >
> > > And needs to buy special IC's to support it.
> > There is a guy on the internet that has build a usb (1.1 slow) device
> > from a $5.00 Atmel Chip. He has written the whole
> > Serial-Interface-Engine in Assembler, and it seams to work.
> I do get your point and any info is welcome.
> but... why should one have to build an USB-to-Serial converter if
> we could just have the plain old serial port?
> Still, when serial ports stop being installed on the mainboards,
> one could still use the PCI add-on cards ;)

Well, this would be a option, but in the case, that you buy a low cost
board with only three ore less pci slots on it, you can easily run out
of resources ...

But with an usb->serial or usb->lpt converter you can connect much more
devices to such a board. And perhaps it is possible to supply your
display over the usb cable with the needed power ...

just my two euro cents...


Mit freundlichen Grüssen,
Oliver Friedrich

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