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[OT] remark [Lcdproc] can LCDproc and LIRC share one tty

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  • From: Luis.F.Correia AT (Luis.F.Correia)
  • Subject: [OT] remark [Lcdproc] can LCDproc and LIRC share one tty
  • Date: Wed Jul 23 10:29:02 2003

> On Wed, Jul 23 '03 at 11:12, Luis.F.Correia wrote:
> > > > And needs to buy special IC's to support it.
> > > There is a guy on the internet that has build a usb (1.1
> slow) device
> > > from a $5.00 Atmel Chip. He has written the whole
> > > Serial-Interface-Engine in Assembler, and it seams to work.
> >
> > I do get your point and any info is welcome.
> >
> > but... why should one have to build an USB-to-Serial converter if
> > we could just have the plain old serial port?
> Oh, a "Serial-Interface-Engine" is not a USB-to-Serial converter. It's
> the name for the component that does the sending and receiving of URBs
> (the USB "frames") on the usb.

(blush) my bad.

Now I get it!

> When you have a working SIE than you can create any kind of logic.
> Granted the Atmel will probebly not be fast enough to do any
> more than a
> simple serial, but you could probably attach a HD44780.
> (The chip is already overclocked to 12MHz and has 8
> instructions per bit
> on the USB line (1.5MBit/s), but as USB does some funky encoding it
> needs all this. but a device can take some time to process an URB once
> it's received)

It still seems to be a bad choice...

Maybe in the future, the chip manufacturers will start to give away such
chips so that the hardware entusiasts just like myself can be more adepts
to USB..

But, enough of this off-topic issue. Thanks for the heads up!

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