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[OT] remark [Lcdproc] can LCDproc and LIRC share one tty

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  • From: Dave Liquorice" <allsorts AT (Dave Liquorice)
  • Subject: [OT] remark [Lcdproc] can LCDproc and LIRC share one tty
  • Date: Wed Jul 23 10:05:01 2003

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003 09:21:17 +0100, Luis.F.Correia wrote:

>> The real world speaks USB.
> And needs to buy special IC's to support it.

And suffers some rather short cable length limit, ISTR 5M single hop and
a maximum of 6(?) cascaded lengths if you fit repeators. In the real
world 5M hardly gets you from one desk to another. It certainly won't
reach from my PC to the current UPS location in the other corner of a 3M
x 3M room for example. Serial does this without a problem, like wise the
15M between the logging PC and the Automatic Weather Station.

> With serial you can still build fairly cheap hardware circuits using
> plain standard components to do whatever you like.

Quite, says him having just done an RS232 > TTL converter with an
optoisolator and 2 resistors for his VFD display to be driven via serial
from LCDd.


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