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[Lcdproc] Re: [gentoo-user] if you see a fat man

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  • From: anupamk AT (Anupam Kapoor)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Re: [gentoo-user] if you see a fat man
  • Date: Wed Dec 25 20:55:01 2002

here is one from lkml, by Richard B. Johnson:

T`Was the night before payday and all through the house,
Not a computer was working as I clicked the mouse;
The screen turned blue and out slewed some text,
Showing register dumps and addresses in hex;
The disk-light was glowing and loud were the sounds,
Of whip-lashing disk-seeks way out-of-bounds;
Then quick as a wink the screen started to flash,
Upon each new re-boot the system would crash;
I reached for the Windows CD/ROM to install,
The system again, from scratch all, and all;
I worked several hours trying to make,
The new Windows Operating System take;
It would never complete the booting sequence,
Nothing I did, made any sense;
Then what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a Linux machine to which I'd grown dear;
I connected the disk from the Windows box broken,
Into the Linux machine as a token;
And deleted that corrupt Windows partition,
So another install would allow recognition;
Then back to the Windows machine I did all,
The Windows partition completed install;
And recover all data, programs, reserver,
From my quietly running Linux server.
When word got out that Linux had fixed,
A Windows computer that had been nixed;
The corporate big-wigs took much attention,
And started to conduct an investigation;
The result being that they could not allow,
The power that Linux had shown somehow;
So they declared that henceforth for time ever more,
No Linux machine be allowed in the store;
On Linus, on Alan, on Larry, on Ben,
On Alexy and David and Andreas and Len;
To arms all the soldiers, the battle we cry,
To crush Windows garbage, it's now do or die.



Ted Ozolins wrote :

> Seasons greeting to all and may the new year bring you great joy. :)
> >>
> >> If you see a fat man
> >>
> >> who's jolly and cute...
> >> Wearing a beard
> >> and a red flannel suit
> >>
> >> And if he is chuckling
> >> and laughing away...
> >>
> >> While flying around
> >>
> >> In a miniature sleigh
> >>
> >> With eight tiny reindeer
> >> To pull him along...
> >> Then lets face it.....
> >>
> >>
> >> Your eggnog's too strong!
> >>
> --
> Ted Ozolins (VE7TVO)
> Westbank, B. C.
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