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[Lcdproc] Driver name?

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  • From: David GLAUDE Mailing" <dglaudemailing AT (David GLAUDE Mailing)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Driver name?
  • Date: Wed Oct 23 10:19:01 2002

I guess we will need pretty soon a translation table from driver name to
hardware name.
For exemple...

MtxOrb is good for most Matrix Orbital, except a specific driver for a
graphic display.
I guess some other hardware are compatible with it and can use the same
Does someone remember where the code for a PIC was available to emulate a
CFontz is good for Crystal Fontz 632 and 634.
However CF633 is required for Crystall Fontz 633.

If you have other like that, feel free to expand the list.

I had some discussion with an outsider of the project for potential
enhancement to LCDproc.
Here are some of this external input:
* It could have been easyer with object oriented programming (already
discussed on the list).
* We may want to have alternative way to talk to the server (unix socket
and/or pipe)
this is because some system may not have or want TCP/IP for size or security
or ???
* I had discussion on multiple display support and he was thinking that
maybe a client could
"lock" to one LCD and input rather than to display the same things over

> > Anyone care what I name the bg micro vfd driver? Most people know it
> > as the 20x2 bg micro monster vfd but the company is IEE and the vfds
> > are the Century series
> Usually only the name of the company is not enough, they might
> later have other LCDs. Take century or IeeCentury or something.

Maybe the question is for wich LCD your driver is...
Is it for all "Century" or only one of them?
Is the same protocol used for other LCD or each LCD got a different one?


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