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[Lcdproc] Starting a Seetron SGX-120L driver

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  • From: gfk AT (Guillaume Filion)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Starting a Seetron SGX-120L driver
  • Date: Tue Oct 22 14:19:01 2002

At 14:59 +0200 22/10/02, Rene Wagner wrote:

I think you need to be a little more Zen, Rene. 8)

>Is it so difficult to read documentation on CVS? Why don't you ask on
>the mailing list first (considering the fact that you yourself have
>realized there's something going wrong here)?

Yeah, that it didn't compile should have been a hint not to commit.

>Maybe I (or Guillaume?) will fix it tonight.

Here is it:

Checking in LCDd.conf;
/cvsroot/lcdproc/lcdproc/LCDd.conf,v <-- LCDd.conf
new revision: 1.39; previous revision: 1.38
Checking in acconfig.h;
/cvsroot/lcdproc/lcdproc/acconfig.h,v <-- acconfig.h
new revision: 1.23; previous revision: 1.22
Checking in acinclude.m4;
/cvsroot/lcdproc/lcdproc/acinclude.m4,v <-- acinclude.m4
new revision: 1.41; previous revision: 1.40
Checking in;
/cvsroot/lcdproc/lcdproc/server/drivers/,v <--
new revision: 1.26; previous revision: 1.25
Removing SGX120.c;
/cvsroot/lcdproc/lcdproc/server/drivers/SGX120.c,v <-- SGX120.c
new revision: delete; previous revision: 1.1
Removing SGX120.h;
/cvsroot/lcdproc/lcdproc/server/drivers/SGX120.h,v <-- SGX120.h
new revision: delete; previous revision: 1.1

I didn't touch the docs/Seetron directory since it wasn't breaking
anything (and because I was lazy...).

Guillaume Filion
Logidac Tech., Beaumont, Qu=E9bec, Canada -
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