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[Lcdproc] Starting a Seetron SGX-120L driver

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  • From: David GLAUDE Mailing" <dglaudemailing AT (David GLAUDE Mailing)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Starting a Seetron SGX-120L driver
  • Date: Tue Oct 22 09:06:02 2002

> I have a problem here. Is it possible that a lot has changed compared to
> the 0.4.4-stable snapshot? no lcd.c, etc. I have no idea where to add the
> things that are needed. ...

I guess you are not in the stable-0-4-4 branch but in the main branch.
Actually the main branch is 0.5.
Trying to add your code (if it is the case) there might cause trouble.
I am not enough into CVS to help you further, but it might give you a clue,
and other on the list are certainly more skillfull in CVS undo and branch
Otherwise the mailing list archieve explain (when the "fork" between 0.5 and
was done) how to access one or the other.

I hope it help.


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