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[Lcdproc] Some more questions about bgmicro vfd driver

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  • From: David GLAUDE Mailing" <dglaudemailing AT (David GLAUDE Mailing)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Some more questions about bgmicro vfd driver
  • Date: Tue Oct 22 06:43:01 2002

> The VFD has the capability to change the brightness of certain columns
> or the entire screen.
> Should I just make the backlight function change the brightness of the
entire screen
> to the highest or lowest brightness or does someone have a better
Just the entire screen.

Your hardware feature is not supported in 0.4.x or 0.5 API, nor in the
client/server protocol. I suggest however that you prepare for the futur
in 0.5 where we would like to permit a 'conduit'(?) for hardware specific
function so that the client can send a "special" request to the server that
the server will blindly send to the driver and the driver will do this

What we need for that is a syntax, a new entry in API and a way to
identify/announce special capabilites or let the client identify the
specific hardware.

> The display also has the ability to blink text at 1,2, or 4hz.
Very annoying, lcdproc/server can use blinking backlight to attract
If you don't have backlight, you may wish to try to detect this and replace
this by
blinking text. However since we don't have an alert entry in API, it is an
hack. Any suggestion is welcome to enhance the protocol or API to be less
hardware specific
but let you benefit from your hardware capabilities.

> Just send a two byte command an all the characters written after that will
> at that rate until a different code is sent.

I can see the blinking ASCII xmas tree from here.
But be carefull about the typical partial update of the screen we do.
Or you could use that to detect what caracter do change and wich are not
because the same as in previous screen.

> Anyone have any ideas for this or whether or not to use it at all?

At least write some template code for enabling those feature,
even if the code is not used yet. This will let you try them
and let you or us enable them when API/protocol permit this.


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