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[Lcdproc] Setting a screens priority?

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  • From: robijn AT (Joris Robijn)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Setting a screens priority?
  • Date: Mon Oct 21 12:50:02 2002

On 21 Oct 2002 at 13:31, Marc-Oliver Straub wrote:

> Strange. I use this to switch the lcd to my own "display incoming
> telephone calls" screen. When a call arrives, the display switches
> immediately to my screen. After a period of time, I reset the priority
> and the display continues to cycle between all other screens.
> During screen initialization, I do the following:
> sock_send_string(sock, "screen_set SD -priority 128\n");
> When a call arrives, I do
> sock_send_string(sock, "screen_set SD -priority 32\n");
> After 20 seconds, I reset the priority using
> sock_send_string(sock, "screen_set SD -priority 128\n");
> This works fine using LCDProc 0.5 CVS

You're lucky ;)

This works, but in a lot of situations, LCDd behaves in a way
that you don't want. That's what I meant with 'something
useful'. Obviously your example IS useful, so I was not entirely
correct :)
BTW I will keep the priority numbers working too.

Joris Robijn
<joris AT>
Phone: +31 6 288 41 964

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