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[Lcdproc] Setting a screens priority?

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  • From: mailinglists_oli AT (Marc-Oliver Straub)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Setting a screens priority?
  • Date: Mon Oct 21 11:33:01 2002

Strange. I use this to switch the lcd to my own "display incoming
telephone calls" screen. When a call arrives, the display switches
immediately to my screen. After a period of time, I reset the priority
and the display continues to cycle between all other screens.

During screen initialization, I do the following:
sock_send_string(sock, "screen_set SD -priority 128\n");

When a call arrives, I do
sock_send_string(sock, "screen_set SD -priority 32\n");

After 20 seconds, I reset the priority using
sock_send_string(sock, "screen_set SD -priority 128\n");

This works fine using LCDProc 0.5 CVS

Bye, Oli

Am Montag, 21.10.02, um 09:41 Uhr (Europe/Berlin) schrieb Joris Robijn:

>> I have a HD44780 display set up and running LCDd with lcdproc. I have
>> also created a small php-script for my homepage where visitors can
>> leave a message on the display.
>> I want those messages to have a higher priority than the screens of
>> lcdproc, but I haven't been able to do so. I've read netstuff.txt
>> several times, but I just get more confused as it somewhere say that
>> "set_screen_priority" is a command, which it isn't.
>> Can someone please help me out here? =D
> I guess I can. The simple answer to your question is: it never
> worked. The priority setting of a screen can be set, but the
> server never does something useful with it.
> Now, for 0.5 I'm working on 'real' priorities, or in fact
> priority classes. Read back in the mail archive, you can search
> it with Rene's search page:
> You'll need to be patient, it will take a couple of weeks
> maybe...
> Joris
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