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[Lcdproc] Menu bug with -value in alphas?

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  • From: zandr AT (Aleksandr Milewski)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Menu bug with -value in alphas?
  • Date: Wed Oct 9 16:13:01 2002

> Hmm, odd, I got an other crash from client_get_message. I am not
> sure whether the problem is in the menuitem stuff, I suspect it
> in the messages part. I'll try to find it too.

It was also in a free() call, right?

> > Given that last bit of wisdom, I'm going to see if I can work around
> > this by padding the strings I set in my code. Still, it's a bit
> > distressing that this only happens above a certain maxlength.
> Maybe it helps to set the default maxlength in the code to a
> large value as a temporary hack.

Padding works as a temporary hack, actually. I only need 15 characters
(dotted-quad IP). I tried setting the defaults instead of using -maxlength,
but it behaved just the same.


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