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[Lcdproc] hd44780 weird display/driver problem

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  • From: bock AT (Goetz Bock)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] hd44780 weird display/driver problem
  • Date: Mon Oct 7 21:58:01 2002

On Mon, Oct 07 '02 at 17:27, Nick Chidsey wrote:
> > - define a "aType" boolean, it it's false normal HD44780 initialisation
> > is done, if it's true:
> I have a 40x2 display, not 40x4. I added most of your patch manually,
> [ ... ]
> the chip is labeled HD44780A00 with an S in the top right corner :(
maybe that's where the aType came from originaly

yould you try to use my patch, and just force the initialisation code to
be executed in any way.
Maybe than the 2nd line will work.

I suspect that you
- need the 3/4th line initiaisation stuff
- your memmory is mapped: 0x00 ... 0x31 ( == 39)
0x40 ... 0x71
If that's treue, I'll try to get a patch to do some propper
initialisation, but I've too much day work and try to get my EzUSB to
work as a LCD controller (for LCDproc).
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