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[Lcdproc] HD44780 And Freebsd UPDATE

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  • From: joris AT (Joris Robijn)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] HD44780 And Freebsd UPDATE
  • Date: Sat Oct 5 15:31:01 2002

On 4 Oct 2002 at 19:08, Fredrik Nordanmyr wrote:

> Ok. i fiddled around some in the config file, and found vspan=1,2 , that
> didn't work, exept that line 1 is ok line 2 is empty line is line 2 and
> line 4 is on line 1 and 3 (hope someone understands :-) ). I also changed
> the "DelayBus" setting to "false" and it got alot faster but not as fast
> as my mtxorb display. Hope this info helps.

I think you need 2,2 . Is it wrong in the docs ? Please let me know so I
can update it. Again, I see it's time to get my 40x4 running.

The timing might be improved by selecting another timing mechanism in
timing.h. There are/were some issues with timing, it's been solved for
most situations (in the past it was much worse ;) FreeBSD has some
different high-res timing functions than Linux.


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> Hi all and thanks for all your help :-))
> I finaly got it running.
> BUT..... it's so slow when rinnging the HD44780 driver, curses and mtxorb
> works just fine. The lines are mixed up also. When i'm running 40x4 it get
> mixed up , and when i run 20x4 it splits the display in 2 , and using the
> right of the display for the 2 bottom lines and no text in the lower two
> lines. And i thing there is a bug in [T]ime or i have the best computer in
> the world, it shows that it is 111% idle ;-) I'm just testing here as the
> newbe i am, and hoping that someone will have a sollution that i can test.
> //Fredrik (Just loves lcdproc, pure-ftpd, freebsd, macosx)

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