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[Lcdproc] problems with hd44780 compatible

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  • From: bock AT (Goetz Bock)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] problems with hd44780 compatible
  • Date: Fri Oct 4 15:09:01 2002

On Thu, Oct 03 '02 at 15:45, Fanatic Minds wrote:
> i have a small display from, on the backside is a
me too ;-)
> label with "BT4300H". i searched for a datasheet and finally found
> one. this display uses a HD66712 controller, which is compatible to a
> hd44780, or so the datasheet from hitachi tells me.
I'de be interested in the datasheet.

> so i wired it with the winamp-wiring, but only crap appears on the
> display.
I got the parallel port adapter as well and write a patch to fix the
initialisation (I did not search the documentation to well, and have
added it as aType to the hd44780 driver) and add the new wiring. I've
poasted it to the list some time ago and again two days ago (under wired
wiring or simmilar). It's a patch against 0.4.4 CVS.
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