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[Lcdproc] HD44780 And Freebsd

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  • From: gfk AT (Guillaume Filion)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] HD44780 And Freebsd
  • Date: Thu Oct 3 20:35:02 2002

At 09:05 -0400 03/10/02, Guillaume Filion wrote:
>At 19:01 +0100 02/10/02, Mark Gill wrote:
>>Actually, yes. I was stepping through the source at the weekend, and foun=
>>that the core dump can be averted on FreeBSD by applying the following pat=
>>to /server/drivers/port.h (0.4.3 source):
>>< outb(val,port);
>>> outb(port,val);
>Wow, I'm puzzled... It seemed to me that we tested this stuff.
>Hum... I remember testing it on OpenBSD and NetBSD, and testing on
>FreeBSD only with the curses driver... Darn, isn't that Murphy's law
>at its best?
>Could someone confirm this, I can't find the documentation for
>inb/outb on FreeBSD...

Okay, I was able to confirm when re-reading an old message posted
back in April

Checking in server/drivers/port.h;
/cvsroot/lcdproc/lcdproc/server/drivers/port.h,v <-- port.h
new revision:; previous revision:
Checking in server/drivers/port.h;
/cvsroot/lcdproc/lcdproc/server/drivers/port.h,v <-- port.h
new revision: 1.12; previous revision: 1.11

Could someone using a HD44780 display and FreeBSD test this before we
release 0.4.4? Fredrik? Mark?

Guillaume Filion
Logidac Tech., Beaumont, Qu=E9bec, Canada -
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