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[Lcdproc] installation problem

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  • From: jan AT (jan)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] installation problem
  • Date: Thu Oct 3 13:40:02 2002

>> ok one more thing
>> when the lcd prints a black block its not fully black
>> there s a letter "P" in it
>> for example for cpu load?
> This is known as the Portishead effect.
> The caracter set in you LCD does contain that funny character
> at position 255 rather than the usual full black character.
> The new generation of CF632 and CF634 have had the same problem.
> (CF=CrystalFontz). The solution applyied in the CFontz driver is to
> either
> use another character that is as black as we want or use a custom define
> character
> that we define as full black.
> It should not be difficult to do the same change for HD44... driver,
> but I don't know if such a change is welcome in the CVS since most LCD
> do not have a inverted P. So you could fix your version of LCDd,
> or someone could help you but we need your eyes, or we really make it
> nice and include a flag in the config file to change the behaviour of
> LCDd
> when 255 is not black.

i can do some test if you want and if its not too complicated
because i m a newbie as you noticed
i dled
and i had a look a hd44780 charmap.h
where do i start?

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