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[Lcdproc] installation problem

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  • From: David GLAUDE Mailing" <dglaudemailing AT (David GLAUDE Mailing)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] installation problem
  • Date: Thu Oct 3 13:16:02 2002

>i found that also
>everything is fine now
>who said i needed a mailing list?

You did.

>ok one more thing
>when the lcd prints a black block its not fully black
>there s a letter "P" in it
>for example for cpu load?

This is known as the Portishead effect.
The caracter set in you LCD does contain that funny character
at position 255 rather than the usual full black character.

The new generation of CF632 and CF634 have had the same problem.
(CF=CrystalFontz). The solution applyied in the CFontz driver is to either
use another character that is as black as we want or use a custom define
that we define as full black.

It should not be difficult to do the same change for HD44... driver,
but I don't know if such a change is welcome in the CVS since most LCD
do not have a inverted P. So you could fix your version of LCDd,
or someone could help you but we need your eyes, or we really make it
nice and include a flag in the config file to change the behaviour of LCDd
when 255 is not black.


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