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[Lcdproc] Is it time for 0.4.4?

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  • From: David GLAUDE Mailing" <dglaudemailing AT (David GLAUDE Mailing)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Is it time for 0.4.4?
  • Date: Thu Oct 3 13:09:02 2002

>Sorry, but Nick said he's using version 0.4.3 which was the one I found
>the bugs in (I just re-downloaded v0.4.3 and found them in the source).
>But you're right, in the CVS version it seems to be fixed.

Maybe it is now a good time for releasing 0.4.4?
It would have saved some discussion in the mailing list.

There are some bug fixed in it.
My CF633 driver seems to work and I have at least a few happy user
(some switched to 0.5 but I can not blame them).
There might be other things too.

Are there other things we want to change in 0.4.4 CVS before releasing it?

I have been contacted by yet another LCD vendor that wanted their driver
to be tested and integrated into the CVS and documentation.
So once again I will make a 0.4.x version and port it to 0.5.
But this can definitively wait for 0.4.5 so please don't wait for it.


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