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[Lcdproc] installation problem

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  • From: jan AT (jan)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] installation problem
  • Date: Thu Oct 3 11:30:02 2002

Le jeudi 3 octobre 2002, =E0 12:13 PM, jan a =E9crit :

> i installed version 0.4.3
> i changed driver for HD44780 in the LCDd.conf in /etc/
> when i run LCDd
> here are the messages in the syslog
> could not bind to port 13666
> sock_create_server: error creating socket
> error opening socket
> critical error: main.c:238, abort
> could someone help solve this?
> the lcd is a HD44780 and is running fine (backlight ok and it shows 2=20=

> lines of blocks, at the first line and the third line)(and i checked=20=

> the LPT address int the bios its 378)
> please explain slowly im a linux newbie
> thank you

i managed the problem myself
i put winamp in the connection type and tada magic

but now i have another question
at this page someone explain how to set VDR to run with lcdproc

it says to launch LCDd daemon with the launch of vdr:

Eintrag /usr/local/src/VDR/runvdr
# run lcd-daemon
LCDd -t 40x4 -d HD44780 "-p 0x378 -c winamp -v 2,2"

im ok with this after that its not clear anymore

=DCbergabe VDR
VDRPRG=3D"./vdr -L localhost -P 13666"

can someone tell me where to put this?
it seems that vdr has a patch to run with LCDd i installed it
is the last line is for lcdproc.conf ?
im confused about the fact that lcdproc is the only client that other=20
clients use to go to LCDd ? or every client properly patched can access=20=

thank you

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