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[Lcdproc] hd44780 weird display/driver problem

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  • From: nchidsey AT (Nick Chidsey)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] hd44780 weird display/driver problem
  • Date: Wed Oct 2 22:20:01 2002

> That looks OK. Are you sure you have NO driver loaded for the
> LPT and no other program running using the port ?

I dont know linux that well... I disabled printer support when installing
redhat, and when I do a cat /proc/interrupts it does not list irq 7 which is
what my lpt port is. Is there anything else I need to check?

> Is it a normal PC ?

Yeah. (HP) Celeron 266, from around 1998.

I tried a little bit of the code changes that were sent in and from the
specs doc I got for "all DMC models", and I found something. When I added
a third time for the instruction (FUNCMODE | IF_8BIT) before setting the
twoline and small char, then it still has the funky 1-line problem, but I
DONT have to run the winamp mode first anymore. My docs say this is needed.
However, the odd thing is that I have no delay after this new instruction.
If I have one of any length (40...2400) it doesn't work.

OK.. let me say something. It almost seems to me like the TWOLINE bit isn't
getting through. Although, I think I would just be missing the second line,
not having it overlap the first. I'm going to go check to see if like one
of my data wires/solders is crappy. Any thoughts on this?


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