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[Lcdproc] LCD driver for PA-RISC machines

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  • From: varenet AT (Thibaut VARENE)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] LCD driver for PA-RISC machines
  • Date: Wed Oct 2 16:56:01 2002


We're a bunch of parisc (a HP architecture) hackers, and we're actually
dealing with the LCD that some of these machines have.

It's a Hitachi HD44780, 2x16 char display.

It's hooked to a proprietary bus, to which we can easily access.

We'd like to develop a char device that can be used to interface this
LCD with your software (XMMS stuff in particular ;)

It looks like your stuff is dealing directly to the parport.
Are you planning to handle char devices, and if yes, do you already have
some abstracts we can start dealing with ?

We've looked for existing LCD char devices, but couldn't find any, nor
any base reference.

Therefore, we thought that would be a good idea to ask for your feelings
about that, since you've already made a lot of work for LCDs.

Thanks for your help,

Thibaut VARENE
PA/Linux ESIEE Team

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