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[Lcdproc] hd44780 weird display/driver problem

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  • From: robijn AT (Joris Robijn)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] hd44780 weird display/driver problem
  • Date: Wed Oct 2 07:18:02 2002

> Here's something new. I just yanked the parallel connector from my pc
> (leaving only the +5V/GND connected) and I finally got that black bar
> on line 1. I do not get that when I power on the PC, only by doing

Makes things even stranger.

> this. But after putting it back in and running LCDd, the same
> weirdness happens. Question though: Does the BIOS setting for the LPT
> port matter? Or do I have to disable it in linux similar to
> "setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart none"? Or what pins on my LCD unit could
> be different so that it *sorta* works but not quite? Seems that would
> be awefully hard to get so close if even only two of the pins were
> swapped.... (I hate to even ask, but what are the chances that this
> is because the unit I bought on ebay is faulty?)
> My bios setting is "Bi-directional". Linux bootup reports:

That looks OK. Are you sure you have NO driver loaded for the
LPT and no other program running using the port ?

Is it a normal PC ?

Joris Robijn
<joris AT>
Phone: +31 6 288 41 964

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