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[Lcdproc] Left and Right Keys

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  • From: zandr AT (Aleksandr Milewski)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Left and Right Keys
  • Date: Fri Sep 27 05:17:01 2002

OK, I really abusively hacked in support for left and right keys.
This will most assuredly break if you don't have left and right keys, as I've make the Enter key only act as enter in Alpha, Numeric, and Ring. Left and right now move the cursor in Alpha and Numeric, and you can move both directions through a ring using the arrow keys. In a slider, right and up are identical, as are left and down.
I haven't put any time into making this configurable in any way, it's just hardwired to suit my needs.
The one thing that wasn't obvious to me was how to get OK/Enter to go from a client screen to the menu if the client doesn't use it.
Or, maybe the right way to do that is to provide a way for a client to cause the menu to appear. Suggestions?
Commenting out the Options, Screens, and Testing menus seemed to cause no harm, just a few compiler warnings.
David: There wasn't anything to do in the CFontz633 code, you're already passing the keys to the higher layers correctly.
Joris: I warned you these would be ugly. ;)
Diffs attached. (I checked a copy out of CVS about three days ago, and checked it into my local CVS repository, hence these diffs are against r 1.1, which reflects the Sourceforge CVS as of the 23rd.)

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