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[Lcdproc] Using 0.5 Menus with CFontz633

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  • From: joris AT (Joris Robijn)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Using 0.5 Menus with CFontz633
  • Date: Tue Sep 24 19:34:01 2002

> Joris, I don't know if you saw a CF633 in picture... we have (ASCII art):
> ^
> <= V =>
> X v
> I don't feel like you should modify menu navigation just for us...
> But I feel like the menu use too many/few keys simultaniously.

Well they are reserved in shared mode... Any other client can also use
them, they only cannot reserve them exclusively. Shared mode reserved
keys will only be available when the client is in front.

> When you don't want the menu, you want most key for your client...
> When you use the menu, you want it to be more user friendly...

Only the menu key is reserved exclusively, so not available for the

> I think we found a solution to have keys associated with menu,
> only when the menu is active and a key to bring the menu.

So hey, that's already arranged ! :)

> > I can add something that allows both of these modes to work, so
> > that the behaviour of Enter depends on the used mode. Should be
> > possible.
> Should it be global for LCDd to use "extended menu navigation",
> or should it be per driver?
> I guess somewhere in the driver we should tell we are "extended menu
> navigation"
> capable. Then in the config file we should ask for it.
> Or does it have to be the client sending a message like:
> "If available in the hardware I would like to use extendend menu
> navigation."

I think the administrator should set it in the config file. He's the
person that knows
- What keys there are
- What applications will run, so what keys are needed.
But I think he can set it by simply iondicating what (shared mode) keys
the menu should use. If he does NOT set Left/Right, the extended
functionality as proposed by Aleksandr will not be active. Good plan ?

> If by mistake we ask for it and we don't have the keys...
> then navigation become difficult/impossible.
> Also Joris, don't forget to tell me/us what new 0.5 "keyword" to use for
> those key.

Key reservation still works about the same as it was. Only you can make
it exclusively by adding that as option (don't exactly know right now).

I guess I'm doing too much undocumented stuff... I should get myself to
do some documenting.

> Hum, we have configuration option for many thing...
> but don't we have/shouldn't we have one to disable the build-in menu?

Ah yes that's a nice one. I didn't think about that because it was a new

It also does make the program smaller... Should it be a configure option
? Or only a config file option...


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