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[Lcdproc] Mtrx-Orb nk204-25-wb on USB Serial converter

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  • From: bulkpaul AT (Paul Hedderly)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Mtrx-Orb nk204-25-wb on USB Serial converter
  • Date: Thu Sep 19 18:28:01 2002

I recently bought an hd44780 display and got it working on the || port
really well - thanks to lcdproc it was easy!

Anyway. I need another one. And I looked at the Matrix Orbital serial
devices and thought "hmm".

There is a serial device. It needs 100ma of 5v. USB could easily do

I have two usb-serial converters (one PL2303 based, the other is ftdi
based.) and I hacked one to get 5v out for the display.

When I ran minicom against /dev/usb/tts/0 I could type and display text
no problem (19200 or 9600 if I set the display) - so the serial adaptor
is working fine.

But when I run LCDd (with the correct configs I think) it sends stuff to
the display, but all I get is a funny character at the top left of the
display (looks like a mutated E) or sometimes just a "C".

I can't workout what is going wrong :O(

syslog doesn't have any errors.

Can anyone help? I _really_ want this to work!


  • [Lcdproc] Mtrx-Orb nk204-25-wb on USB Serial converter, Paul Hedderly, 09/19/2002

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