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[Lcdproc] Contrast and other goodies for Crystalfontz

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  • From: David GLAUDE Mailing" <dglaudemailing AT (David GLAUDE Mailing)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Contrast and other goodies for Crystalfontz
  • Date: Tue Sep 17 16:10:02 2002

I am one on the few developper wich is also happy owner of a 632 and 634.
(not to mention 633).
I did not participate in the code for 632 nor 634,
however I would be happy to "fix" things or "migrate" things to 0.5 API

> I recently became a happy owner of a crystalfontz 632 display. Everything
> works fine under lcdproc, but I'm wondering if any of the following have
> will be implemented:

To avoid guessing, could you tell us what LCDproc you use and
what version of the software you have in your hardware.

> Contrast setting?
> Backlight intensity setting?
Those are not supported yet? (I have never tested my 632 but I guess it is
What is wrong or not supported, how did you test/detected that?

> Pixel by pixel scrolling?
This is a new feature from 2.0 software of your 632.
The driver is only lightly aware of the new feature of 0.2
and only the character set usage was modified.
In order to support "pixel by pixel" scrolling, we need an LCDproc API
that support that and a new option in the client-server protocol to support
This will NOT be possible in 0.4.x as far as I know the policy for 0.4.x.
It could be possible for 0.5 but then it require some chat in the
and someone to implement that.

> If not has anybody found a linux driver specific to the 632?
???kernel driver???

> Also, I've written a nice c++ wrapper to a generic LCDproc client doing
> the stuff I could only find for Perl, C or whatever else. If anybody would
> like to test it/use please let me know at
> gozadinos at

I think there is already a LCDproc Perl library.
Maybe yours is redundant.
But do not hesitate to send it to us (put it on a server and send us a


PS: I read/write french too for private email exchange.

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