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[Lcdproc] 0.4.3: LCDproc "uptime"

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  • From: reenoo AT (Rene Wagner)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] 0.4.3: LCDproc "uptime"
  • Date: Thu Mar 28 13:10:02 2002

Hi all!

There have been reports about LCDd crashing after a certain
amount of time.

On my box LCDd and lcdproc have been running for 27 hours
now - without any problems.

(At school, an earlier version of 0.4.3 has been running
for weeks (curses driver only))

In order to find out where a potential problem might
be I'm running both LCDd and lcdproc inside of gdb this time.

I've experienced that the compiler you use seems to have
a certain impact. IMHO gcc 2.95.3 (self compiled) works

My setup:

PII 350 MHz
Asus P2B board
256 MB RAM
Mandrake 8.1
gcc 2.95.3 (gcc-everything-2.95.3)
kernel 2.4.17 (xfs and international patches applied)

LCDd uses the following drivers (compiled with enable-drivers=all):
- MtxOrb (output on lcdemu)
- curses (input only)
- lircin (input only)



Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted.

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