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[Lcdproc] Menu documentation

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  • From: reenoo AT (Rene Wagner)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Menu documentation
  • Date: Sat Mar 2 11:43:01 2002

On Sam, 2002-03-02 at 02:26, Guillaume Filion wrote:
> Could someone post a summary of menu/client keys support in
> stable-0.4.3 and current-0.5?
> I took a look at the list archives but Google showed 200 messages
> talking about menus and I'm too lazy to read them all...

The menu / key handling thing has been discussed extensively - several
times ;)

> So here are
> a few question I'm asking about menu support:
> 1) Is it working or not?

AFAIK client supplied menus do NOT work in both 0.4.3 and 0.5.

> 2) It looks like the input is caught by the driver/output device or
> the input device? Can we use stdin as the input device?

The input is indeed caught be the driver. The *_getkey() function
should return one of the characters defined in input.h

> 3) Could someone post a small tutorial on how to use them with the
> curses driver for example?

Currently only the server menu works. Try out the arrow keys when
running LCDd with the curses driver.

The only problem with the curses driver is that once you have entered
the server menu it does not react unless you press the keys for a longer
time. I don't know why :(

> 4) Anything else that you find of interest...

School sucks...
Otherwise I'd have the time for coding :(


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