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[Lcdproc] Libgtop?

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  • From: gfk AT (Guillaume Filion)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Libgtop?
  • Date: Sat Mar 2 01:17:02 2002

Hi all,

The other day while reading the 1999 list archive (was stuck at
university for 3 hours, had to find something to do beside
working...) I stump on some emails talking about using libgtop in the
lcdproc client.
Here are some references:

The only arguments about not using libgtop were:
- don't want to add a dependency (don't want to require GNOME!)
- libgtop doesn't work well.

After digging out about libgtop, I found out that these arguments are
not true anymore:
We could add an autoconf test to use libgtop only if it's present,
and use our home-made tests if not.
As for GNOME, we can configure libgtop --without-gnome.
It is true that libgtop use to work bad, but it looks pretty stable
now and portable now; it even works on MacOSX!

The only downer is that libgtop's web site
( is down... The sources
are available from GNOME's ftp site

So, is anyone interested in implementing this? I'm personally
interested, but I don't have much time... 8( If no one has done it in
May, I may have time to do it...

BTW, we should know that not all of lcdproc's screens have been
ported to *BSD, so this can be considered a bug in stable-0-4-3; I
would even consider it a showstopper for a 0.4.3 release. If anyone
is interested in porting this, you can take a look at Thomas Runge's
patch for 0.4-pre9 (,
the most of the work in implementing Thomas's patch is to make it
work with autoconf tests.


  • [Lcdproc] Libgtop?, Guillaume Filion, 03/02/2002

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