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[Lcdproc] Menus (was: HD44780 Keypad Function)

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  • From: mpatnode AT (Mike Patnode)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Menus (was: HD44780 Keypad Function)
  • Date: Sat Mar 2 00:44:01 2002

From: "Joris Robijn"
<joris AT>

> Client supplied menus - nothing else!

O.K. I'll bite. Why does the server implement menus rather than the

>I was also thinking that the server could read a list of
>commands/scripts from the config file. If it present them in the menu
>you can do things just like / instead of the current shutdown stuff.
>Very convenient for ppp. But of course no client interaction for this!

Ugh! What are you building, a pc-anywhere remote control interface or
an LCD display engine? Wouldn't it be much better to have a local
client do this that could deal with all the security issues?


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