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[Lcdproc] is _icon a problem/still in use?

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  • From: mythos <mythos AT> (µ-thos)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] is _icon a problem/still in use?
  • Date: Tue Dec 11 13:34:01 2001

DGM> So having it missing should not kill any driver.
DGM> The NEW icon is suppose to display any "dingbats" at any location on t=
DGM> A "dingbats" being a custom char displaying something well known like:
DGM> * Arrow to the left, to the right, up, down
DGM> * Heart empty/full
DGM> * ...
DGM> We need to define a set of those "graphics" and a name/number for each.

But keep in mind that this should be extendable. Means that there
should not be an array of perhaps 20 chars but instead something
dynamic. (i.e.: Array with first element as 'size of array')

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