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[Lcdproc] is _icon a problem/still in use?

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  • From: David GLAUDE Mailing" <dglaudemailing AT (David GLAUDE Mailing)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] is _icon a problem/still in use?
  • Date: Tue Dec 11 07:50:01 2001

> I will not do anything to the client interface. I will adapt driver
> so that they work again. Only the icon function will initially not
> work correctly, because David Glaude is working on that.

Who is using the current _icon function???
The current _icon function can define a heartbeat empty or full or elipse in
char 0(?).
This was used by the server code to generate a heartbeat (and who is using
the elipse).
This functionality is now replaced by the heartbeat function that should be
easy to implement
(check MtxOrb or text or curses?).
This mean that I think icon (the current one) is not in use anymore.
And it was not available to client via the protocol(AFAIK).

So having it missing should not kill any driver.
The NEW icon is suppose to display any "dingbats" at any location on the
A "dingbats" being a custom char displaying something well known like:
* Arrow to the left, to the right, up, down
* Heart empty/full
* ...
We need to define a set of those "graphics" and a name/number for each.
Then we will need to implement that in each driver and I am suppose to make
reference implementation in MtxOrb.
Then we will have to offer that new fonctionality to the client by changing
the protocol.


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