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[Lcdproc] more work in progress

Chronological Thread 
  • From: reenoo AT (Rene Wagner)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] more work in progress
  • Date: Mon Dec 10 21:24:01 2001

wwf AT
(William W. Ferrell) wrote:
> ---
> joris AT
> wrote ---
> > More work on the API: I would like to modify the other drivers too
> > the coming days. So please not too many changes there if possible.
> >
> > The new API works OK here for text and curses. If you would like to
> > try it, let me know, then I can send you a temporary diff.
> >
> > When the API change is complete we can work on making the drivers
> > loadable and adding code to load them.
> >
> > Should we now go to a 0.5pre1 version ? What do others say ?
> Were we going to release v0.4.3, or jump straight to a developer's
> release?

I think we should try to get things stable enough to release a 0.4.3 version.
We were only looking for way to enable Joris to get his API changes and
other things into CVS, right Joris?
I would like to do a kind of feature freeze NOW, so that we can do testing,
testing, testing and testing ;)
Well ... not only that ;) I would also like to add support for Joris'
reporting patch to all the drivers, so that all drivers are on one "level" ;)
But even more important seems to be getting the key stuff working with ALL
drivers again, BUT without changing the API as Joris proposed.
That would really break compatiblity with drivers and clients.
I hope that's true so far, Joris?

A 0.5preN version might be the possibility to get all API changes and maybe
even menu support (I'd like to work on that) into LCDproc.



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