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[Lcdproc] versions (was: CVS: lcdm001 update; key handling)

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  • From: reenoo AT (Rene Wagner)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] versions (was: CVS: lcdm001 update; key handling)
  • Date: Sun Dec 9 20:26:01 2001

"Joris Robijn"
<joris AT>
> > But what we might do is to really split things up. We could leave the
> > current code as it is, fix the key handling (my patch) and put your code
> > into the lcdproc-0.5 directory (or whatever CVS calls this ;).
> If we use CVS good, we should never get such a directory. It should
> be done with the version numbers. I never understood why that lcdproc-
> 0.5 directory was created...

Don't blame me for that ;)
I don't know that much about CVS ;)

> > That would enable us to cleanup the stuff in "lcdproc" and do whatever
> > we like ;) in lcdproc-0.5 which might also mean breaking compatiblity
> > with some drivers for a while.
> > Improving API stuff would become much easier, wouldn't it?
> >
> > Also, we might really release a new "more_or_less_stable" version out of
> > the "lcdproc" dir after some testing.
> Should that be 0.4.3 ?

Why not? I think a lot of people are looking forward for a non CVS release ;)

> In that case we should split it at the current
> point in time, because my changes are HUGE (sorry, API conversion
> can't be done in an easy manner). In that way my changes would be for
> 0.5pre1 or something like that.

That's exactly what I mean ;)

> After this step (API conversion) I need one more step to complete the
> loadable driver stuff:
> - making code to load driver modules;
> - modifying drivers to be modules.
> But those seems to be relative simple steps.

I can't comment on that but in general your ideas seem to be quite good
to me ;)


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