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[Lcdproc] versions (was: CVS: lcdm001 update; key handling)

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  • From: joris AT (Joris Robijn)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] versions (was: CVS: lcdm001 update; key handling)
  • Date: Sun Dec 9 20:17:02 2001

> But what we might do is to really split things up. We could leave the
> current code as it is, fix the key handling (my patch) and put your code
> into the lcdproc-0.5 directory (or whatever CVS calls this ;).

If we use CVS good, we should never get such a directory. It should
be done with the version numbers. I never understood why that lcdproc-
0.5 directory was created...

> That would enable us to cleanup the stuff in "lcdproc" and do whatever
> we like ;) in lcdproc-0.5 which might also mean breaking compatiblity
> with some drivers for a while.
> Improving API stuff would become much easier, wouldn't it?

> Also, we might really release a new "more_or_less_stable" version out of
> the
> "lcdproc" dir after some testing.

Should that be 0.4.3 ? In that case we should split it at the current
point in time, because my changes are HUGE (sorry, API conversion
can't be done in an easy manner). In that way my changes would be for
0.5pre1 or something like that.

After this step (API conversion) I need one more step to complete the
loadable driver stuff:
- making code to load driver modules;
- modifying drivers to be modules.
But those seems to be relative simple steps.


Joris Robijn
<joris AT>
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