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[Lcdproc] CVS: lcdm001 update; key handling

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  • From: reenoo AT (Rene Wagner)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] CVS: lcdm001 update; key handling
  • Date: Sun Dec 9 19:22:02 2001

"Joris Robijn"
<joris AT>
> > So, Joris, you said you were working on the MtxOrb driver and did not
> > want others to modifie it at the moment, could
> > you move the defines out of input.c and put them into the MtxOrb
> > driver?
> I'm working on the new API stuff. One part of it is a new getkey
> returning a string instead of a char. That doesn't solve it all,
> because the input stuff will also need to use the strings. But it's a
> start towards a more flexible key processing.
> There is an incomplete routine to get keys from the configfile in
> sed1330.c
> BTW I did not yet say I was working on MtxOrb (yet). I am working on
> text and curses. But soon the other drivers need to be modified too...
> So how do we do things ? Maybe you should just commit your stuff ?

Of course I could commit it. But compared to your approach it's rather ugly ;)

But what we might do is to really split things up. We could leave the
current code as it is, fix the key handling (my patch) and put your code
into the lcdproc-0.5 directory (or whatever CVS calls this ;).

That would enable us to cleanup the stuff in "lcdproc" and do whatever
we like ;) in lcdproc-0.5 which might also mean breaking compatiblity
with some drivers for a while.
Improving API stuff would become much easier, wouldn't it?

Also, we might really release a new "more_or_less_stable" version out of the
"lcdproc" dir after some testing.


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