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[Lcdproc] CPU load

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  • From: Karl.Trout AT (Trout, Karl)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] CPU load
  • Date: Wed Dec 5 17:39:01 2001

This is definitely the result of the perl client. Over the weekend I was
having the exact same issue with my code for the Perl Module I'm writing.
I fixed it by removing a stray autoflush line '$|=1;' and rearranging some
calls. Basically what I believe is happening here is the response from LCDd
Back into the perl code is not being handled and consuming cpu time in an
exponential way.

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Subject: Re: [Lcdproc] CPU load

Edoardo Serra
<edoardo.serra AT>
> After some hours of uptime, the heart on the LCD stops beating
> and it freezes itself
> Running a top when the display is frozen I notice some strange things:
> 904 root 15 0 556 556 444 R 99,7 0,0 33:47 LCDd
> The lcdd daemon uses 99% of cpu!!!
> the clients process connected to the daemon seems to behave normally:
> 905 root 9 0 2692 2692 1388 S 0,0 0,3 0:00
> 906 root 9 0 636 636 556 S 0,0 0,0 0:00 lcdproc
> any ideas ??

I've had a similar problem obviously caused by a perl client.
Is an LCDd client?

If that's the case, try running LCDd without any perl clients.
If that doesn't help, we've got a serious bug :(
Otherwise we a least know that there's a problem with perl clients ;)

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