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[Lcdproc] Title widget... {{ I want my blocks }}}

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  • From: David GLAUDE Mailing" <dglaudemailing AT (David GLAUDE Mailing)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Title widget... {{ I want my blocks }}}
  • Date: Mon Dec 3 00:51:01 2001

>From: "Rene Wagner"
><reenoo AT>

> > I've been poking around all day if the code and can't find where the
> > widget is accually put together. I want to change the character used in
> > title from a block to something else.
> I wouldn't try to do that in the server code, but in the driver code.
> Otherwise you would have a good result with your display, but all the
> others wouldn't work properly any more ;) You might at least be interested
> the curses driver ;)
> And the right place to change things in the driver code is _chr()

Let's all agree that this way of doing the remapping is uggly.
We have been doing this all over the other driver because
the server code is MatrixOrbital minded!!!
I don't mind because I have a MatrixOrbital. ;-)

Now what we need is a real concept of ICON.
Where the server ask "I want a title box at position x,y".
And the driver do whatever look best on that hardware.

> > Could ya lend a guy a hand.
> Remember: To those of us who don't have a CFontz display
> this is all just try and error! (But w/out testing in between ;)

Well maybe CrystalFontz should send me or Rene or David or Joris or ...
one of their hardware. ;-)
Most of us would be more than happy to bring that driver up to the level
of other driver (like MtxOrb) and make the due change when API change.
Until then or until we find a real maintainer for CrystalFontz driver,
this is "coding in the dark"TM.


Alternatively is someone has a unix box permanently online,
with a CrystalFontz attach to it and a web cam watching the CrystalFontz
and if you give one of us remote access to it (telnet/ssh) maybe we can do
too (and this will be even more fun to try).

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