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CFontz ROM version and driver issue was: Re: [Lcdproc] Proble m with 0.4.1 and CFontz

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  • From: Eddie Sheldrake" <EddieS AT (Eddie Sheldrake)
  • Subject: CFontz ROM version and driver issue was: Re: [Lcdproc] Proble m with 0.4.1 and CFontz
  • Date: Sun Dec 2 20:24:01 2001

Here is the patched file. It displays the blocks correctly. This file is out
of the CVS made on the 24th.
I changed it in two places. Search for V2.

Now, has anyone got the backlight to work yet in the CVS?


On Sun, 02 Dec 2001 02:12:18 -0800, Eddie Sheldrake wrote:

>I did a bit of debugging with the CVS and your patch.
>The function CFontz_chr is hardly used at all. It's not used to display any
>text that I can tell.
>Some other function is getting the text on the display.
>I do see CFontz_chr getting called by the vbar (something) function and it
>sending high chrs to display full and half bars.
>This will need to be fixed as the vbar function clearly sends 255 to display
>a full bar. In the CVS only as 1.4 displays an
>arrow in the CPU graph and not a "}".
>Another thing. -1 is the funky "}" in c. Not 255.
>I hope this helps. I don't know C. Only bits of Perl. I will keep looking
>over the code and testing ideas. But it takes
>forever to make clean, make for each little test.
>On Fri, 30 Nov 2001 19:20:18 +0100, Rene Wagner wrote:
>>"Trout, Karl"
>><Karl.Trout AT>
>> wrote:
>>> I have a new 634 from CF. I would be glad to do any testing which may
>>> provided some Help.
>>Could you try this:
>>if (c=255) {
>>CFontz->framebuf[(y * CFontz->wid) + x] = c;
>>in function CFontz_chr() in CFontz.c ?
>>That should lead to a little better ouput (no "}")
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