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[Lcdproc] lcdMetar prototype

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  • From: gfk AT (Guillaume Filion)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] lcdMetar prototype
  • Date: Sat Dec 1 01:26:01 2001

Hi all (again!)

I just remembered that I heavily modified the Metar client about a
month ago. It still has a few bugs, so I'll attach it to the message
and let you try it. It should be backward compatible with the old one.

You can get the documentation with: perldoc
There's also a couple of options that can be set by editing the source:
# Verbose
# 0 : None (only fatal errors)
# 1 : Warnings
# 5 : Explain every step.
my $verbose = 1;

# METAR Code for your city/region.
my $site_code;

# Host which runs lcdproc daemon (LCDd)
my $host = "localhost";

# Port on which LCDd listens to requests
my $port = "13666";

# Metric or English data system (is there a better expression for this?)
# Can be either "metric", "nautical" or "english"
my $datasystem = "metric";

Also, one of the bugs that I always get with perl scripts that act as
LCDproc clients: when they close() their connection, LCDd complains
with "read_from_client: (fd 5) Connection reset by peer". Is there a
way to do this more cleanly (maibe a QUIT command?).


Description: application/applefile

Description: Binary data

  • [Lcdproc] lcdMetar prototype, Guillaume Filion, 12/01/2001

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