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[Lcdproc] Re: [Leaf-user] Oxygen release question

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  • From: n9ubh AT (David Douthitt)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Re: [Leaf-user] Oxygen release question
  • Date: Mon Oct 1 19:02:01 2001

Matthew Schalit wrote:
> I was looking at the leaf site for the
> lastest Oxygen release, and found that
> things have been stable for a few months
> with the libc-2.0.7 and libc-2.1.3 release
> flavors.

Development of the 2.0.7 version has basically been stopped, as more and
more things no longer compile under 2.0.7. Now that the latest glibc is
2.2, things are going to be moving away from 2.1 as well - no doubt
Oxygen will be pulled in that direction.

The latest images have moved glibc into a glibc.lrp package - so
physically putting glibc 2.2 won't be a problem; fitting it in will be

> I did see the newer development images,
> like oxygen-090601.ima. Is that one
> stable enough to deploy, or are we better
> of with
> oxygen-051401.bin
> oxygen-2.1.3-041601.bin

oxygen-090601.ima would be a successor in the lineage of the
oxygen-2.1.3 variant; the 051401 version is likely to be the older
Oxygen 2.0.7 image.

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